Earthbound By Wretched Strangers

Wretched Strangers are returning to Camden Fringe with Carole Frechette's "Earthbound", which will be on at The Cockpit on Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st July at 7 pm. We would love to see you there!

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Director: Sarah Teale
Cast: Massimo Guasti, Paloma Jacob-Duvernet, Piotr Mirowski,
Mylène Tissi and Camille Wilhelm

About the play:

A mining town without a mine. Four strangers have lost everything that they thought they were secure of. At night they walk the abandoned pit looking for answers to their questions, and instead they find:

Violet. Violet is the most wonderful, kind and understanding answer that any of them could have possibly dreamed of – and she doesn’t even have to say a word.

Five strangers, four voices. Earthbound tells the story of extraordinary, ethereal Violet and how she came to be in this deserted mine. Or maybe, it actually tells four completely different stories. A tale filled with dark humour and tenderness, Earthbound is a timely and strange tragedy for ordinary folks.

Wretched Strangers is a European theatre company aiming to give a voice to foreigners living in the UK. After our production of Medea by Jean Anouilh last year, we are now staging the UK Premiere of Carole Fréchette's Earthbound.

Mylene Tissi